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Introducing... GridLink!

A Brand New Platform Created for Independent Artists...

Welcome to GridLink, the all in one platform for independent artists.

With GridLink, you can easily create a unique, clean & professional artist page that will allow you to showcase your music, videos, bio and social media links all in one place. Making your music one click away for potential fans, managers, labels etc… You can also embed your music and videos directly onto the page so fans can view your content right on the spot.


Through the use of GridLink, The Grid scouts for new talent on the rise and impactful artists to become “Featured Artists”, Providing these artists with opportunities such as sponsorships, playlist listings, high quality photos and video content, and performance opportunities. This enables artists to not only receive ready to go promotional material for their music but also have a place to perform for their fans and cross network with other artists. Creating a GridLink Is the first step to becoming a Featured Artist.

Get Noticed!

Creating a GridLink (& meeting some requirements) will get you placed on the GridLink “Discover” page. GridLink “Discover” is a page that allows you browse through multiple GridLink artists and listen their songs all on one page. This not only makes it easy for artists to get discovered by labels, managers, venues and promoters etc… “Discover” also encourages collaboration between artists. Artists can simply visit the discover page and find other artists/producers in their city to work with to create new music!

The Grid was Created to provide independent artist with the tools and resources necessary to further their music careers. Through customizable artist pages under their new platform “GridLink”, to live shows and events for artists to perform and network with other artists and fans!

The Grid saw a problem with the industry, Independent artists across the world are having issues getting promotion and reaching their target audience fast and efficiently, GridLink aims to solve that issue.

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