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22 year old, Racquel Soledad Tompkins, Is an artist, singer, songwriter, choreographer and dancer from Detroit Michigan.

Soledad, gets her stage name from her middle name which was her grandmothers first name. Soledad stands for solitude and loneliness, she adopted the stage name full time after her grandmother had sadly passed away, stated in an interview with the grid music. “when she passed…it was the first time feeling loss in my life and such strong emotions.” Soledad took them in and turned those emotions from holding her back to pushing her forward. Now with a team of 10 backup dancers who she considers her extended family and would “do anything for them.” Racquel Soledad has been working her way to the top through her music and talents creating a style she says, allows her audience to feel vulnerable and connect though love and heartbreak. She stated her goal in music is to help others by sharing her story and although she looks amazing to the camera, Its not always easy putting on that smile.

Soledad, says family is everything to her including her backup dancers.

Her sisters were major influences in driving the young talented superstar in the making. The older ones being singers and dancers as well in turn sparked the fire inside Soledad to see it was possible to achieve it all. Always appreciating that made her want to be a great role model for her younger sister. As for her back up dancers, she credits them with taking her work ethic to new levels, she stated “they make me realize its bigger than me… it just makes me go that much harder, even when I want to quit”. Soledad has always loved the arts and dance but she always had a special connection with writing. She feels as if “writing things out… everything comes more naturally.”

Soledad is consistently working on new music and dance routines but she has a special project titled “Bad Dreams” Releasing November 6th, 2022. The Project “Bad Dreams” came about from Soledad’s experiences over the past 4 years. She has songs explaining the hardship of following the path of making music, the pull of toxic relationships, and just giving a darker look inside of herself. Constantly leveling up and finding her confidence within those times. Fans will hear a side of Soledad that a lot might not be expecting- contrary to all the slower, emotional songs she’s released in the past. She has worked nonstop with her producer/engineer (Anton Pastoria), reworking these songs countless times to show the audience what her sound and style has grown to be.

Blog post written by: Preston David Sherwood

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